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Visit The Best Places Of Phillip Island

Natural beauty on the Island is a major draw, with every beach, cliffside, and wetland breathtakingly beautiful, especially in late summer. There are many wonderful outdoor activities on Phillip Island, including hiking, cycling, and surfing. You can search online to book Phillip Island & Penguin Parade day tour via Hike & Seek.

Guide to Phillip Island - Tourism Australia

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The best thing about the Island was the variety of hipster cafes and cool hangouts that offer delicious brunches and coffees to die for. One of the favorite brunches was on the Island. 

Some people are still salivating just thinking about it. The Island has a variety of artisanal restaurants and cute little farm gates. This quality is evident in the food that's being served.

The perfect combination of amazing outdoor experiences and delicious food and wine, as well as friendly, laidback people, is Phillip Island. Phillip Island is a great day-trip, weekend getaway, or long-term escape from Melbourne.

Below, you'll find our top picks for things to do and see on Phillip Island.


Phillip Island is approximately 140 km from Melbourne CBD, southern Victoria.

Phillip Island is known for its stunning beaches, natural beauty, and farmlands. It is popular among Victorians who are looking for a place to escape the city. The population grows by 300% in the summer months.

It is easy to get to Phillip Island by plane from Melbourne.