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What is a Facial?

Facial skincare is important for everyone, from babies to seniors. When you meet someone, your face is what will be first noticed. Regular facial skincare will not only improve your appearance but also increase your self-esteem. 

A facial is now as important as visiting your dentist or doctor. A professional skin specialist at Blush Skin And Body will examine your skin with a magnifying lamp to determine the best treatment for you. 

A facial can improve the skin's texture, appearance, and feel. You feel radiant and your skin feels smooth. Relaxing massage is another way to improve your skin. 

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Massage is a relaxing way to improve your skin's appearance. It reduces puffiness, sagging, tones muscles, and stimulates blood circulation. 

Facials can slow down the aging process. Day spa facials and massages can help you relieve stress and strain from your hectic lifestyle. The facial is highly recommended for those with dark skin or skin that wrinkles easily.

A facial is performed using a special face mask. This seals in the anti-aging and revitalizing creams. It restores the skin's glow. It is often included in the bridal beauty package.

The social might use creams and masks that are anti-oxidant for facial use creams and masks with free-radical fighter agents such as vitamin A, beta carotene, and vitamin E. After this, the skin is deep cleaned using creams or masks.