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What You Need To Know About Permanent Makeup In Vancouver

Permanent makeup usually includes eyeliners, lipsticks, and eyebrow pencils and is designed to imitate freshly applied makeup to the lips and eyes. This is done with the aid of a tattoo pen, which injects permanent ink into the skin in a process that can take around 30 minutes to 2 hours.

A local anesthetic is used to numb the area and there may be swelling for several days before it heals. Permanent make-up is very popular with models, actresses, and artists, but anyone can do it. You can even enroll in permanent makeup courses through Brownude Permanent Cosmetics and Academy.

Who Needs The Makeup?

Both men and women can use permanent makeup. Apart from daily makeup sessions which can take up your time, it can also be used for cosmetic enhancements.

In addition to the popular permanent eyebrows, lip liners, and eyeliner, makeup can be used in procedures to cover scars, vitiligo, improve hairline, restore areola, and more.

General Procedure

1) Lips – The lip pigmentation process enhances the lip color and you can choose the color you want the most. This eliminates lipstick smudging in other areas around the lips, which is common, and you can choose a natural look or color with a dramatic effect depending on your preference.

2) Eyebrows – Permanent makeup pigments mimic the look of hair at the brow line and you can do this if you have thin brows and want thicker brows. The best part about this procedure is that you can enjoy activities like swimming and other sweating activities without removing makeup.

3) Eyeliner – Makes small lashes appear natural and smooth when the pigment is applied to the lash line. This procedure may also include additional color shading on a soft, bolder pad. It is popular not only with female customers but also with male customers.

Permanent makeup has many benefits, but be aware of the potential risks and costs as the procedure can be very expensive.