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Why Is Wall Tie Replacement Required In Sydney?

In the course of the survey, we discovered that there were no wall ties that were standard in the building. It was constructed using roofing slates which all broken due to the building's movement.

This meant that we didn't need to take out any old ties because they weren't causing any harm to the building. You can click on to hire wall tie replacement in Sydney.

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There are two reasons an establishment might need to replace its wall ties:

Failure of the cavity wall tie is caused by chemical reactions between moisture and metal and oxygen, resulting in corrosion. This causes a build-up of iron oxide that is brittle that weakens and degrade metal tie irons.

There are instances where the built-in brick tie system is improperly installed, such as when ties are not embedded to the correct depth or a low amount of ties are included.

In both instances, installing an alternative wall tie device will make sure that the outside wall is securely secured to the structure of the building while allowing stability. It also allows the load to be shared and transferred.

We also discovered that the Cavity wasn't an average size, so we needed to order a special Wall tie for the ties to go through the inside of the building. The Wall tie we used ended up being 350mm, which means there was a cavity of 200mm in width.