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Your Guide To Wine Education

The study of wine is among the most enjoyable pastimes in the world. If you research wine or try it you're learning all the time! But, the world of wine is too big and complicated now that it's a good idea to enroll in formal courses to master the art of tasting and get exposed to different wines to be able to compare and contrast. You can find the best WSET courses through various online resources.

wset certification

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WSET is the leading educational body for wine lovers. You can take specialized courses in wine, sake management, marketing, and other areas of the business and the progression through WSET courses takes place over different levels:

WSET Level 1. An entry-level introduction to wine that is suitable for people who are just beginning their journey into the world of wine or seeking to pursue an interest in wine. It is usually a full-day introduction to the wine industry and the main aspects that make the wine industry. A brief, multiple choice test is offered towards the conclusion of each day.

WSET Level 2: A WSET level 2 award in wine is a basic to intermediate level qualification that explores wines that are suitable for professionals in the industry and lovers. It is a three-day course and a multi-week program when it is studied in the evening or for several weeks.